Sunday, January 9, 2011

be still.

i find almost as much joy and peace from reading my old journal entries as i do from writing new ones everyday.
today i am reading old pages from my journal, and it reminds me of where God has taken me this past year and where i have been with Him. it takes me back to those emotions and reveals to me the growth i have had, and most importantly shows me how God works in our lives, His intricate meanings weaved inside His course for us...we dont see it at the time but everything plays a part in this course. 
-i am thankful for my journaling over the past year, i can truly say it has strengthened my relationship with Christ so much.
-i look forward to my time away from this world with God everyday, time with my creator, my best friend, my constant, my love. my quiet time with Him is important in my day and in my life.

He calls us to be still and listen in His presence, so He can strengthen us. 
-our lives are busy, and i hear people say it all the time-that we dont have as much time, that we have too much to deal with everyday in this busy world...
-but the truth is- you always have time for the God who has given you THIS time, that has given you THIS LIFE
-so how can we ever say we dont have time or are too busy to spend time alone growing with the one who gave you each minute your living? 
the busier you are the more you need time alone with Him.

John 15:5- I am the vine, you are the branches. if you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing.
i remain in Him by listening, being still and quiet, reading His word, and writing to Him and about Him. spending time with Him allows me to remain in Him- living in Him, because without Him i can do nothing.i have also found much strength in each day from this time with Him-i feel stronger because i am sufficient in His strength through our time together. 

-if we do not take time from everything else to be with Him we will be trying to rely on our own strength  
-although i know that this strength wont last for long and will become exhausted.
-after our own strength isnt able to hold us up anymore we will either cry to God for help or turn away from Him in pain. 
we NEED to walk close with Him, and depend only on His strength through everything and everyday. 

take time away from this world to be with your God and you will find blessings of peace
...along with strengthening yourself and your relationship with Him. 

"walk in the light with Me, and you will reflect Me to the watching world."
-alone with you

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