Tuesday, November 30, 2010

His garden.

my daily devotion for yesterday included this verse from isaiah...
isaiah 58:11
the Lord will guide you always, he will satisfy your needs in a sunscorched land and will strengthen your frame. you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

i love this verse,
this metaphor was so striking to me- to think of us as His blossoms, His garden, that He cares for always. we always get sun and we always get rain, the perfect amount of each so that we are alive and growing strong, but only because of the Lord, we would be dead and shriveled in a dark field if it wasnt for His PERFECT care and attentiveness. 
like in life- we live day to day. i try day to day to glorify Him, because i know He keeps up with my care, with sun and water, day to day, never forgetting to water me, never not having time to tend to my needs as a blossoming flower in His garden. 
so how do i tend to fall short and not give Him what He deserves, He cares for me ALWAYS and perfectly, satisfying my every need. He builds us up to be strong but reliant on Him. He is the only reason i could ever be anything at all..
in all circumstances He is there, He never fails.
but i fail. i fail to give Him all that He gives me. 
i need Him. i need His perfect care to survive.

my neediness is extreme in this way. but first i must acknowledge that neediness.
i have been shown my need for Him more and more since starting college- being placed in times when i realize i cant do it without Him..at all! nothing is because of me- everything is because of Him!
He takes us on these journeys where we find our strengths to be of absolutely no value and our weaknesses to be so obvious- and in these journeys He shows us our need for Him, that we must rely on Him because He is all we need. 
in these journeys we grow closer to Him, relying on Him in EVERYTHING- and that is where our faith grows. in needing Him we grow closer personally & intimately with Him.
i love this image- the Lord is my gardener. i know i am nothing without Him, and i know i NEED Him. 
this brings peace- peace in the knowledge that while we are beings that need so much- we have a Lord that will always be there and will always give us everything we need. 
He never fails- this IS peace. 

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